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Pregnancy: Facts and Fiction, what Every Feminist Should Know!

by Sabrina Smith

(pictures: Chaz)

Pregnancy is one of the few things that most women will experience. What I mean is, most women will get pregnant at one stage or another in their lives; however feminism seems to turn a blind eye to this occurrence, especially third wave feminism and younger feminists.  There are countless third wave feminist message boards and websites that speak about music, but very few that address pregnancy, motherhood and birth. This leaves feminists vulnerable to media-led and un-feminist views about one of the most natural and collective experiences of womanhood. Currently, All I would like to do is address some of the myths and some of the facts and perhaps generally discuss my overall experience of being pregnant and being a feminist. I’m not saying “rush out and get pregnant” or anything like that. I just want to express how it’s felt for me and perhaps one day you’ll think back to this article, if you ever get pregnant, and be armed with a little bit of extra knowledge that they don’t tell you!

chaz3.pngAt the time of writing this I’m a twenty-seven year old feminist who resides in the UK with my partner and I’m currently seven months pregnant with my first child. I know it’s a boy and I know when he’s due. I’ve been to all the appointments, been to all the scans and we are both pretty healthy. Basically it’s considered a normal pregnancy. I’ve sectioned off things I wanted to say into various headings, both to organise my brain and for easy reference for you.

Antenatal Care

I’ve always been vaguely horrified that most doctors I have dealt with are male. Midwives are female it seems but they tend to act in a nursing capacity. Doctors are still male when you are pregnant and give birth and you will barely see one. The UK has a NHS facility which basically means that all your basic antenatal care is free. My experience is that this is pretty great, but don’t expect the best care. Anything that is considered “non basic” is extra and you will have to seek it out yourself and then be charged for it. Remember those TV shows where antenatal classes are a series of breathing techniques and funny positions often with hilarious consequences? It’s a lie. You will NOT be told about them by the midwife. She will inform you of a one off class, at the hospital you give birth if you are lucky, and it will be information for the birth. The 6 or 8 classes on the TV were once provided (your parents and/or your partners parents may tell you they still exist) but are not deemed “necessary” now.  This is fairly scary especially if you are a first time mum or a single parent or an expectant mother at all! The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) do the classes now. They are a charity and I’ve found it pretty hard to find one locally to me. They also cost around £200, but I think they are worth it if you can afford it. The elimination of these classes also eliminates the right for women who live on a lower income to have that basic knowledge and rights in birth and primary care of their child.



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