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Issue #5: Eating disorders

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Current Issue

“Underweight is overrated” – by Hadass S. Ben-Ari

“I can’t control myself” – by Annegang

Survey “Riot Grrrls and Eating”

Interview with Maike Reimer from Hungrig Online

“My beautiful self is too fat” – by Marta

“Queering eating disorders” – by Janna Storey

“The eye of the beholder” by Susa Wagner

…and much more stuff. =)


Get da Numba 5 =)

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Current Issue, How to get the zine

Sorry for the unexpectedly long hiatus – Wolverette #5 is ready for so long now but it just wasn’t possible to distrubute it till now… long story… whatever.

Some things are new though – better price!!!


Germany: 2,50€ /1 zine or 4€/2 zines

UK: £ 2,00/ 1 zine or £5/ 3 zines

Rest of Europe: 3€/zine or 8€/ 3 zines

USA: 4$/zine

So if you want your copy of Wolverette Zine #5, please write to wolverette AT yahoo dot de, then I’m gonna send you the Paypal info (do NOT send the money to this e-mail above! The Mail addy for the paypal account is different!)

We also accept  German stamps as payment, as well as zine trades or any decent other trades (mixtapes, stickers,… whatever equals the “worth” of a Wolverette copy) – just contact us by E-Mail (again, the Mail addy is: wolverette AT yahoo dot de)

Again, sorry for the incredibly long wait! Hope, you’re all well and kickin’ ass.


P.S. a more detailed description of wolverette #5, what’s inside and stuff, will follow.

The baby’s there finally!
Contributors’ gratis issues are on their way already (btw – Hadass, Joanna & Annegang, if you want a gratis copy, too, please e-mail your postal addresse!).
But before sale is officially on, I need to make some adjustmemts (sshhhh… paypal here we come!), you’ll hear from us!

Wolverette on hiatus

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Current Issue, Uncategorized

Some of you already know, I’m gonna spend the winter semester in Pisa, Italy. Therefore Wolverette Zine is going on a hiatus for this time (September 2009 till February 2010).
I will occasionally look into this mail account and/or myspace, but that’s it.
A few copies of the latest issue are left – if you want one, be quick and get them before august 25th, please.

Tadaaa! FINALLY! lol

Wolverette #4, mixed issue:


– Interviews with “Petty Booka” and “Geffen3”
– Artsy stuff
– Quotes
– Articles:
* “I’m alone, I know it and I even think it’s cool”
* “Mrs. President?”
* “Pregnancy: Facts & Fiction” by Sabrina S. Smith
* “Girl/Woman/Whatev”
* “Road Trip”
* “On classroom gender issues” by Amy Louise Cunningham
* “Recognizing a thin line”

…and other stuff.
Din A 4 size, 32 pages.
Prizes/Tradings as always: click here.
Please also note the additional payment possibility.

I decided to add an additional possibility to pay for Wolverette Zine.
Since some of you get the zine regularly, I thought this would make sense.

If you ask nicely, I will give you my bank account info so that you can transfer the money directly on my bank account, which is undoubtedly less complicated than sending cash, for both parties.

I have no interest in giving out my bank account infos to total strangers on the net. This only applies to people I know personally, from certain projects or whom I know via a message board/blog for a quite long time!!! If in doubt, just ask.

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be at home until october. You can still order or write feedback or whatever you wish but I probably won’t be here to manage anything. Sorry if this will cause anybody to wait so long.

See you in october again, have a lovely summer!