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*Le Sigh*

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Call for submissions

Yesyes, I am STILL looking for contributions. Sad, isn’t it? It may be the sensitive topic but nevertheless it’s a shame that especially this issue takes so long. Maybe a deadline will help?
Okay, so the deadline for contributions is june 1st.
Hoping to hear from you.



Yee-ha! Wolverette is back!

I wanna start a new issue, themed EATING DISORDERS and you know, Wolverette Zine is nothing without your support and contributions!

The issue will be about eating disorders, problems with food, eating/non-eating related body issues of any kind.

I am looking for:

  • ARTICLES: from the personal to the political; from experiences to observations
  • POEMS: get kissed by the muse!
  • INTERVIEWS: You think an interview with you could be an interesting read? Tell me! You know an interesting person related to the topic you want to interview? Send it to me!
  • INFO-LINKS/ADRESSES: I wanna add a little list with links, addresses, numbers,… of helplines, info material, organisations,… that support people who struggle with eating disorders or know someone who does. Book reports also welcome!!!!

There is no deadline yet, you have plenty of time! As soon as one is set, I’ll announce it here on the blog.

ATTENTION!! Please read!

  • The contributions have to be in English. I can translate from German if you want, but that’s it.
  • Wolverette is meant to be Riot Grrrl, feminist and girl/women empowering. Please remember that when you make your submission! In case you’re not sure, just read a bit through the site here, you’ll then know what style Wolverette is basically about. Or just ask
  • I can’t promise you’ll get published, but you should have good chances. So far I never had to turn down a contribution. Just write with full heart & soul and try your best, I’m sure it’ll be good then 🙂
  • IF you get published in the print issue, you will receive a free copy as soon as the issue is finished
  • You can of course stay completely anonymous if you prefer it that way, just then I won’t be able to send you your gratis copy
  • Wolverette is a PRINT zine, consider that especially with your artsy contributions, wether the copy will come out well – cause I do it the old fashioned way, black&white and all DIY (hell, I use scissors and a glue stick…)


  • how I should credit you: The name beside your submission, what shall it be? Full name, first name, nickname, anonymous? Also remember that your contribution+cred might appear later in the internet, here on this site.
  • Your postal address in case you want your gratis copy. This isn’t mandatory but if you want a copy, I need a postal address I can send it to.
  • You can have a contact published next to your contribution for feedback or other stuff – for example your myspace, blog, E-Mail, Band- or Project-homepage,… not necessary but you can if you wish

WHERE TO SEND? -> wolverette.zine at yahoo dot de


Hope to hear from you soon!


So far:

Yes, it’s that time again – I need contributions for the next issue of Wolverette Zine.

And on top of all, you can basically write whatever you want. Well… okay, it’s not that easy. All in the parameters of Riot Grrrl/feminism/grrrl related  and stuff, you know what I mean.

Meaning, our #4 will be a MIXED ISSUE with all sorts of topics: whatever troubles your brain and gets contributed will more or less be in.

Again, I’m looking for all sorts of stuff: your articles, poems, rants, comics, pictures, art, song lyrics, you name it – all the stuff that is fun and doable for a print grrrl zine! Don’t be shy, I beg you – just try and send it in. The more people submit, the more variety the issue will get, which can only lead to a great piece of a zine!

As always, send your shit to wolverette dot zine at yahoo de. Published contributers get a free copy of the issue, as usually.

The deadline to e-mail me your contributions for the 3rd Wolverette issue is the end of may 2008!

If you think you need a little more time, just drop me an e-mail and we’ll figure something out.

…over at The Zine Fanlisting, this time with Clementine Cannibal who also wrote a nice piece in Wolverette’s 2nd issue.

And btw – I’m still waiting for Wolverette #3 submissions; soooo many people have promised me something but so far i’ve got only half of a contribution. Booooh! 😛

So don’t be shy, write me an e-mail and send you stuff in, ladies! 🙂

Wolverette Zine #3 will be dedicated to writers in the name of feminism/Riot Grrrl.

So I’m looking for writers of all kind (nevermind if you have your own blog, if you are writing for a school newspaper, if you are a journalist, free writer or whatever, if you are the one who writes the lyrics for your band, writing an (auto)biography, plays,… you get the picture) who are willing to share a part of their work in this zine and who maybe would agree to get interviewed.

It’s your chance to get your stuff out and explain the motivation of your work. And, as always, you will get a gratis copy of this issue.

The only condition is: you gotta have a RiotGrrrl-ish/feminist stance in your work.

Please e-mail me: wolverette dot zine at yahoo dot de