About Wolverette

Wolverette is a 21st Century Grrlzine – mainly it’s a print zine but some stuff gets published on this Homepage when the issue is sold out.

I (Dodo) edit the zine but the contributors are Grrrls from basically everywhere. Some participate (more or less) regularly, others sporadically. It doesn’t matter – we’re all Grrrls in the end and this zine is there for publishing Grrrl thoughts, so it’s kinda also YOUR zine.

Wolverette  aims to involve, encourage and support grrrls of any kind. Read the blog entries or – even better – get an issue and find out 🙂

I wanna make the girls get their voices out, encourage them again and also putting some effort in it so that they realize that their ideas, experiences, fears and opinions matter and are precious enough to formulate them in words and get them out. Kinda like “Get your fucking asses up! You’ve got something to say, now I give you the opportunity to do so – no more excuses!”

(Quote from an Interview with Grrrlzines.net: http://www.grrrlzines.net/interviews/wolverette.htm)

…SO:  get your asses up and start a Revolution Grrrl Style NOW! 😉

Always looking forward to your stuff !!

Contact me at wolverette.zine at yahoo dot de

I appreciate your thoughts, art, ideas and whatever.

Because YOU have something to say!


Oh, and P.S.: I am not responsible for whatever the homepages I am linking to contain!!

  1. Sonja says:

    Huhu, ich wollte Dir eine Mail mit einer Anfrage zu Grrrl Zines schicken, aber dein Yahoo-Account scheint nicht mehr zu gehen. Melde Dich doch mal!

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