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GEFFEN³, consisting of Geffen, Kakaokatze and Wijnstijn, is trying to bring the punkrock  and good ol’ pop back in electronic music. Why I feature them in here? Because it’s out of the ordinary dancefloor sound that enables you to feel somewhat intellectual while grooving! The lyrics are straight to the point but still filled with subtile hints, the sound is energetic but never stressy. And I deem this combi as a good way to perfection.

Listen yourself:

Oh, and because they appear to be really nice folks, too.

You can also enjoy some of their music on

Here’s GEFFEN³:

1. Tell us about your music – what you love about it, what inspires you, etc.

g3: The insparation is people, relationships, love and hate.

And of course foood !

So we put all our joy and sadness, our carelessness and seriousness in one pot, cook them 2gether till the delicious meal is ready.

2. Live shows – are there any “best/funny moments” you’d like to share with us?

geffen: Me and Kakao Katze are doing some light acrobatics, like a bridge or…  spagat, on stage.

kakaokatze: And this is not always easy since you also have to pay attention to not falling off the stage…

geffen: Wijnstijn is doing his own way of acrobatic by getting ecstatic on the machines..

3. Is there a place you’d personally call your favourite venue – and if yes, why?

g3: Whenever there’s a stage, good lights & sound and, of course, a good crowd (and good food):

we love it!

4. How did the GEFFEN³ members meet? Did you

have any starting problems? Which?

geffen: Me and Kakaokatze met through a website (Danke dorfdisco!).

Then wijnstijn we met though a friend on his 23rd birthday!

kakaokatze: It’s not always easy to change constellations.

A new person brings new energy and a new dynamic,

but this is only another andvantage, right!?

5. Is there any specific song writing process or “ritual” that you’d consider typical?

kakaokatze: First a rough structure with plain beats, then comes the lyrics.

We add a bass and after a while the hit is ready!

6. Does GEFFEN³ consider itself somewhat political? If yes, in what way?

G3: Sometimes, by living in berlin you’re becoming political whether you want it or not.

But the essence of the music is not.

7. Do some of you play in other bands or have got other projects?

G3: Wijnstijn is doing a project called: peinlich unter freunden.

Geffen keeps herself busy with fashion while Kakaokatze is working the turntables at some parties.

8. Please recommend some bands of which you think people really should know about.

geffen: P.J. Harvey.. she never sold herself out.

9. Any future plans for GEFFEN³?

g3: From end of may 2009, there will be some tracks and rmx from our Riddance EP up for download. And there’s gonna be a new video.

So be ready!

10. Some last words of wisdom, please.

kakokatze:„Die Anzahl unserer Neider bestätigen unsere Fähigkeiten.“

 geffen: good riddance!

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