Poem from Dayna

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Past issues

(contribution from the Mixed Issue)


 am more than solid

I’m myself, me in seventeen different


My songs are flowers

and your words are guilt free.

I’m dreaming in open eyes

laugh like ripe fruit


the weather is better

inside yourself.

branch and sunset,

bread and water

kisses fluent in goodbye

underneath street light


heart struck eyes

I peel away to a

better place

We make magick in the

spaces between my fingers.

I am still, in passing

Honest like the open


Promises making

this painless

run away with

me and my ambitions.

Stars explode the stereo

and my eyes are in your direction

swinging towards

something just past my mind.

The pavement

welcomes us

to how it’s supposed to be.

(written by Dayna)



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