Girl thinking stuff

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Past issues

(orioginall appeared in  Wolverette’s Mixed Issue)


What are your first thoughts when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you still get out of bed at all? High five for you. That’s cool.

Do you ever count your daily sins? Like, what you think sins are. And what other people think sins are. Is there a difference between both? And which? Because sometimes it’s sure hard to find the loopholes in society that hold you back from living.

Did you brush your teeth today? How often? Do you like the taste of toothpaste on your tongue? And why? Does it give you the feeling of doing something right, makes it feel you fresh and hygienic cause it tastes like mint? What i fit didn’t taste like anything?

I didn’t comb my hair today.

Are you on your period today? Do you tell people you are? Why? Or why not? I like my menstruation. Some girls don’t I wonder what makes the difference. It can’t be only about having cramps or not.

What was the last time you went out on the streets, completely without any make-up? Do you think „This is my face!“ Or is your made up face more familiar to you by now?


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