Get da Numba 5 =)

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Current Issue, How to get the zine

Sorry for the unexpectedly long hiatus – Wolverette #5 is ready for so long now but it just wasn’t possible to distrubute it till now… long story… whatever.

Some things are new though – better price!!!


Germany: 2,50€ /1 zine or 4€/2 zines

UK: £ 2,00/ 1 zine or £5/ 3 zines

Rest of Europe: 3€/zine or 8€/ 3 zines

USA: 4$/zine

So if you want your copy of Wolverette Zine #5, please write to wolverette AT yahoo dot de, then I’m gonna send you the Paypal info (do NOT send the money to this e-mail above! The Mail addy for the paypal account is different!)

We also accept  German stamps as payment, as well as zine trades or any decent other trades (mixtapes, stickers,… whatever equals the “worth” of a Wolverette copy) – just contact us by E-Mail (again, the Mail addy is: wolverette AT yahoo dot de)

Again, sorry for the incredibly long wait! Hope, you’re all well and kickin’ ass.


P.S. a more detailed description of wolverette #5, what’s inside and stuff, will follow.


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