Part VII of Wolverette’s 3rd Print Issue

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Past issues

It’s cold tonight.
My body racked with fierce pain
From within, and cold
From without.
The creature beneath me
Shivers from cold and fatigue.
He didn’t ask for this.

I didn’t ask for my part in this epic, either.
They’ll call me blessed, Holy, angel, queen,
So I am told.
But for now it’s whore, slut, blaspheming,
My husband, a cuckold.
I made no request for this.
I’m little more than a child.

Just a young girl,
No-one special,
My head still unvailed.
I look to my husband.
He married me in public,
Kissed me before the Lord,
Despite what he had heard.
He didn’t ask to be part of this.

My body’s quickening now,
Bite my lips, keep from crying out.
Sooth the unbidden form within me,
Not yet, not yet, not yet.
This one takes pity on out plight,
Offers a megre shelter,
A stable, a manger, a star.
(written by Amy Louise Cunningham)

*tell us a bit about this poem
Amy: I started writing it around Christmas time while I was organising the school nativity play. Of course, every little girl wants to be Mary, and that made me start thinking about how Mary might have been feeling. I decided it was something I wanted to explore.

*when did you start writing poems and why?
Amy: I’m not sure really, a long time ago! I find it relaxing, I used to keep a daily diary of my thoughts and feelings. Turning these into a pleasing sequence was just the next step.

*when do you write poems? where do you get your inspiration from, what motivates you?
Amy: i just write whenever I feel like it! I find that if I have something big going on in my life, writing my thoughts down helps me to think more clearly. I’m usually inspired by one little idea, and that’s my “jumping off” point…my brain goes Tick Tick Tick…!

*do you write other stuff (novels, plays,…), too? if yes/no, why?
Amy: I ‘ve written a number of short stories and that’s probably my favourite medium to use. I think eventually I’d like to write a novel, but whether that’ll ever happen is another matter! As a graduate of drama and English, I’ve done a lot of divised theatre pieces, which have often turned into scripted pieces.

*do you use other forms of artistic expressions than writing (drawing, playing an instrument,…)?
Amy: I play the flute (well) and the guitar (badly). I’m learning to teach piano and recorder. I like to piant, but I suck, so my artwork is usually just brightly coloured patterns.

*For what main reasons do you write?
Amy: For pleasure, and to relax. I don’t really write to please anyone but myself.

*what are peoples’ responses to your work?
Amy: Mixed, to say the least! I’ve had English teachers ask if I’d “like to have a word with the school nurse” in reaction to fiction I’ve written. On the whole though, reactions are pretty positive. I realise that some of the subjects I choose to write about are quite dark, but that’s where the interest lies for me.

Amy’s Blog:


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