Part IV of Wolverette’s 3rd Print Issue

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Past issues

I laid back, arched my spine and let out the falsetto moans i’d rehearsed frequently in these horrible, arkward sexual situations and learned previously on low budget porno’s as a pre-teen girl finding out what she really wanted from sex. It never once got more enjoyable, i never felt more appreciated, loved or cared about. I never looked forward to the morning, when i opened my eyes and saw the blurry figure of a man led next to me, hoping at least that i remembered their name and that there was a cigarette laying around somewhere. I was, however, purely content in knowing that my sexual knowledge would be shared between most of my, none coincedental, conquests over a champions breakfast, of stale lager and a joint rolled from cheap cannabis bought from a homeless man, who for some reason enjoyed conregating around us drug addled youths.
written by Charlotte

Wolverette: What does writing mean to you?
Charlotte: Writing was originally a way to get out my feelings, I could talk to my friends or family for hours on end, but I’d never feel like I’d gotten something out of my system until I’d written about it in my diary. I did have diaries from being aged 11, some of it’s cringe worthy to read back on, but when I first started it was the only way i could get the day’s stresses out of my head. Now i think it’s become much more of a way of telling other people how I feel, if I fight with someone, or feel I need to say something seriously to someone I’d much rather write them a letter than talk to them.
How does it feel?
Relief most of the time! It helps me get a lot of feelings off my chest, whether it’s stuff people’s never going to read and I’m just scribbling on a piece of paper, I always feel better when I’ve written about how I feel, I think it’s the best way that i personally can get a point across.
How did you get into writing?
Through keeping diaries, I guess. I got into keeping diaries because my mum showed me one of hers from when she was younger, and I just thought that it was awesome that all these years later she still had that, and she could go back in time & remember exactly how she felt.
Do you think writing can make a change – for you yourself or maybe other ppl who read your stuff, too?
I’d like to think so, it certainly does for myself. When I look back on things I’ve written in the past it takes me back to how I felt completely, and make me think that I never want to (or in some cases really do want to!) go back to that time, I suppose if other people can relate to that too, it can effect them.
How important do you consider your writing to you or to others?
I think it’s an important part of my life, it’s always been ‘oh well suchabody does this & someone else does this, but chaz writes!’ I think it’s important that I chose to write because it gives me an outlet that I don’t think i could express in any other way, I sometimes think how crazy i’d be if I didn’t have that blessing! I don’t know if that effects other people, but most of the time I don’t think it matters, I do it mostly for myself. If someone else likes it, or thinks that it matters, that’s just a bonus!
Why writing – and not composing music, drawing, etc. to express what you think?
I can’t do any of the others! haha. I’m not sure, I think, again, it was just my stepping stone from diary keeping.



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