Part X of Wolverette’s second print issue: JOURNAL

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Past issues

Journal 7 – 2007 (Author is known to Wolverette Zine)

Sex has become the most complicated human interaction ever seen on this unfortunate planet. I’m not kidding. I realized that today.

Anywhere I look… sex…. Sex sex sex sex…

I don’t mean this sex-on-tv/internet/radio-blaaah-thing. I am talking about people having sex on their minds all the time (and I do not mean their own).

I’m fucking sick of all these dumb people blabbering about sex.

For example those girls in my school that keep asking me the same fucking question for what seems like 15 years: “Did you sleep with him when he was still in the relationship with that other girl?”. true that he cheated on her with you?”

Tamara de Lempicka: “La bella rafaelo”

They don’t even know me. I don’t even know their names.

So what the hell is wrong with them? And what is their point? I am getting really tired and bored and frustrated about having to face uninteresting, dense and unreflected bullshit every….. single……. day. Why is it such a big deal for everyone to know who fucks who at what point of time? Now I really got a slight and tiny little idea of what it feels like for my gay friends to bear all these stupid jokes about homosexuality … it is not the business of people not involved. (Just for completion: of course HE is never asked these questions..just me…grrr). It’s not that I care about what these people say or think. Just another point on the why-general public-pisses-me-off-list. I don’t even know exactly why I waste my time freaking out about this whole sex obsession. Maybe it was a little too much today…

This morning I was at the gynaecologist’s and there was one of these religious propaganda magazines. And I learned: oral sex is a big sin!

What the hell do these people think? I mean, if God exists, how likely would it be, that he comes down to earth, suddenly appear in your bedroom to tip on your shoulder and say: “Hey girl, I’m sorry but I find it really disturbing, that you are giving your boyfriend that blowjob – would you please stop it? Thanks.”.

And it’s not only, that people care about who you have sex with and under which circumstances. A friend of mine is having a really tough time right now, because there were some childish rumours about how she has sex with her boyfriend. There were people that seemed to have serious problems with the possibility that she might have anal sex because that is why they just stopped talking to her. For some reason, that reminded me of Alice Schwarzer denying the existence of masochist women’s sexuality. Women who like being servile in bed or role-playing or whatever automatically become supporters of patriarchy? So what, can’t a feminist be sexually submissive, if that is what she is really into?

I doubt, that sex reveals much about our personalities, attitudes or our world view.

I am busy enough justifying myself for what I stand up for and believe in.

I am not going to start justifying myself for the sex I have.

(For it is a source of pleasure and satisfaction, pysically and mentally).

There shouldn’t be rules for something like sex – just as for love.

We all deserve so many more aspects in life in which we can act self-determined.

Can’t we at least be free in sex?

Hasn’t sex once been a last space of privacy and freedom?

Yeah, great… I can’t remember….

  1. Franziska says:

    Hey girl,

    I lost your email adress, so Im writing here
    could you take my last name out of that article?
    I didn’t mind that it was published in the zine but its kinda different online. I got some great feedback about what I wrote from my aunt :-/
    … that was really weird –> not so happy
    thanks a lot,


  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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