Part IX of Wolverette #2’s print issue: “GETTING OFF”

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Past issues

getting off by clementine cannibal

my eyes close and pictures flutter through my head. memories, fantasies, pornography, i try to settle on a theme. always intensity. my mind focuses on something. jamal. the first time i ever got good head from a guy. (i was so skepitcal about head from guys, having never enjoyed it.) he flips me around, he wants my ass in his face, it drives him crazy. i put the condom on, ready to fuck him, not expecting what’s coming. he grabs my thighs and pulls my pussy down on his face, sucks my pussy into his mouth like a delicious fruit. devouring me. i’ve never had head from this position, from on top and i’m loving how i’m practically sitting on his face. and his cock is right in front of me. i go crazy. deepthroating him so i can’t breathe. tears stream down my face and i love it so much. it feels so good. choking on him, riding his face, my mind obliterated by the pleasure. so good. so fucking good. but that’s just a memory.

change scenes. i need something different. i fanatasize about a scene i saw in a belladonna porno, embellishing a little here and there, changing it. the sexiest concept: one chick squirting into another chicks asshole. i’ll replay that again and again as i rub my swollen clit. it feels so fucking good. i think about deepthroating a strapon cock, a beautiful girl forcing me not to breathe. and by this point i’m breathing heavy and maybe even saying shit to myself but really i’m all alone. i make up my mind, what’s gonna make me come, dave fucking me in the park, his fingers in my ass as he slams into me so hard.

i love sex and pleasure and masturbation and orgasms. i wanna tell you how good it is for me now and how much i love it. i wanna tell you this because for so long sex was totally fucked up for me and i never thought it could be good like this. i’m a sexual abuse survivor (my grandfather, when i was a kid). i was in a bad relationship for too long and i had lots of bad sex i didn’t want. it actually got to the point where i physically could not orgasm for over a year. i could not make myself come. it was so horrible and frustrating and i thought i would die. sex made me burst into tears. but look at me now. i have orgasms all the time every day and sex is amazing. i want to tell you this because i thought i was doomed and i bet other chicks feel like that. i wanna tell you that there’s hope. you can do it. it’s a fuckin journey but it’s worth it. start by loving yourself. that’s the best advice i can give. be good to yourself no matter what.

clementine cannibal is a toronto-based riotgrrrl who writes the zine licking stars off ceilings. to contact her or get her zine drop a line to


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