Part III of Wolverette #2’s issue: “FUCK MY FINGERS”

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Past issues

Fuck my fingers!

(by Peter Parker)

Until now fingers used to be seen only as means in sexual context than as fully fledged sexual organs. This fact is surprising since fingers (or hands) are usually an elementary part of sex, nevermind which kind of it.

Nevertheless sex is usually connected with the so called “primary sexual organs”, that are normally seperated into 2 categories: “female” and “male”.

With this division and classification, a standardization takes place. There are explicit ideas of how the “primary sexual organs” should be like and, too, who has to “have” which one: men the ones defined as “male” and women the ones defined as “female”.

The difficulties deriving from this standardisation are well known. On a closer look it becomes furthermore clear how senseless it is to accredit the hitherto “primary sexual organs” and to not let fingers take this place since they deserve this status to a greater extent (if this place has to be taken at all).

The fact that fingers are sexual organs, too, should be obvious now. Furthermore, fingers are way more flexible than any other part of the body; there is no questioning about wether they are “too big” or “too small” or “too tight” or “too wide” because they can change their size and arrange themselves according to particular preference. Additionally so many questions will be answered by themselves if you accept them as primary sexual organs: nobody would even think of asking wether lesbians will ever have “real sex” in their lifetimes; same with the question of defloration (whatever sense the answer to this question may have).

If and how one could determine the link to a certain sex or gender by the fingers’ texture might have to be examined but I think it would only lead to difficulties. In this spirit it is definitely time to give fingers the tribute that they have long deserved – it is no coincidence that they end in most cases next to the loins.




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