Part II of Issue#1 online: “My local music scene”

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Past issues

“My local “music scene”

I go to my local bar as often as I can; usually every Monday & Thursday as that’s when they showcase local bands and my boyfriend takes pictures a lot so that they can get their faces out there. Usually a lot of really talented musicians play, with a good sound & people enjoy getting drunk and dancing. They have one or two bouncers on the door who sometimes I.D., but even if your under 18 you can still get in to watch the bands, because music is the most important thing at this venue, you just can’t drink.
So, tonight I went as usual because one of my friends’ bands were playing and I’d not heard them before and my boyfriend wanted to take some pictures for their website. But unfortunately I don’t think (I left early because of reasons I’m going to explain) they were able to play, because of this local band who I will keep nameless. Tonight was the first time they’d played here and I think a few people had come especially to see them, but not enough to make up for the events of the evening.

They came on the stage claiming that everyone who couldn’t make it tonight could “fuck off” and getting the fans to hit & give abuse to people who were sitting down. They played their music, which most of the crowd seemed to be enjoying. They encouraged most of the crowd to “fuck shit up” in the horse-shoe which makes up most of the main room; it’s a semi-circle table which has tiffany lamps on stands, just in front of the stage. So all these assholes start “bringing the mosh” in the middle of this fucking bar, throwing glasses & bar stools about, breaking stuff in the process. Consequently the owner of the pub is possibly having second thoughts to putting on bands here again, although the band claimed that “if you didn’t show some appreciation“ (by means of dancing like an idiot or breaking something) you weren’t supporting your local music scene, the singer of the band even went into the middle of the
horse-shoe area & encouraged the fans to kick him in the head when he said “go”.
How the fuck can you support your local sceneby having the only venue in a small town threatened with no more live music because you think breaking stuff is fucking cool?
Just before the band left the stage they said that their last song was about being jealous & for people who “put you down for doing your own thing” then go home & “slit their wrists” because they want what you have. This song had beautifully written lyrics such as, “Bitch I’m only kissing your neck to get you wet.”
Which brings me to the point of writing all this, in the “pit” that they decided to make there was one girl, who happens to be a friend of mine, and I stood on a table & waited until the end of their set to make sure she was ok, and I know that in some people’s eyes as a feminist I don’t think a woman should be treated any different, I know that there’s all this “get some clit in the pit” bullshit floating around. But I know that most women, a fan of the music or not, would be far too scared to go and “dance” with men double their weight & height, and in some ways even though I feel this music & the culture that comes along with it is fucking stupid I admire any woman who will even consider participating. The lyrics of this band as I mentioned before are awful, fucking awful.
Considering one of the members of this band has a child, is that how he wants to fucking raise them? I also know that some of them have girlfriends; how these women can stand by their men, knowing when they going on stage every night they verbally degrading them, I have no idea.
I am proud to be a part of the riot grrrl movement and I am proud of the effect that it has on a lot of people, but I am honestly worried that with bullshit culture like this our society is regressing and everything that women such as Kathleen Hanna fought for musically, has just gone to waste. I hate the idea of a women being scared to dance and appreciate music that she enjoys (no matter what genre) & I hate the fact that younger girls just getting into the music scene are having this sort of genre of music and culture shoved down their throats, I know that I don’t want the next generation of girls into rock music to think it’s cool to say shit about
women so long as you’re on a stage & dancing like an asshole.
This text was written by Charlotte for the 1st Wolverette Issue


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