Here we go again! ->I want YOU for issue #4!

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Call for submissions

Yes, it’s that time again – I need contributions for the next issue of Wolverette Zine.

And on top of all, you can basically write whatever you want. Well… okay, it’s not that easy. All in the parameters of Riot Grrrl/feminism/grrrl related  and stuff, you know what I mean.

Meaning, our #4 will be a MIXED ISSUE with all sorts of topics: whatever troubles your brain and gets contributed will more or less be in.

Again, I’m looking for all sorts of stuff: your articles, poems, rants, comics, pictures, art, song lyrics, you name it – all the stuff that is fun and doable for a print grrrl zine! Don’t be shy, I beg you – just try and send it in. The more people submit, the more variety the issue will get, which can only lead to a great piece of a zine!

As always, send your shit to wolverette dot zine at yahoo de. Published contributers get a free copy of the issue, as usually.


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