Wanna place an ad in this zine?

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Wanna advertise?

Alright. Here’s the deal: E-mail me (wolverette dot zine at yahoo dot de) about what you wanna advertise and a pic of the ad.

What does it cost? Practically nothing. If you are a zinester yourself, I trade your ad for mine: I will put your ad in my zine if you put my ad in yours. Simple as that.

If you don’t have a zine or anything else where you could publish a Wolverette ad, I’ll send you some flyers and you help distributing them. Ad for ad – fair deal, right?

But I only accept ads for DIY-projects!

  1. claude says:

    hey ho,

    thank you very much for putting eating disorders on the topic of your zine. – i would love to give a contribution to this very important subject – since i suffer from an eating disorder for almost 20 years now, and am in a very intense therapeutical process for over a year now. – until when do you need the contributions? – and i could either imagine an interview – (which i would with myself?) – or maybe a short text – ideas, notions, that i have about the topic. i would like to link it to some ideas about lookism in queer contexts…. but also a more general – structural question – as to indiviudalisation of illness – and communal social responsibility by society.

    so – until when do i have to write to you? – if i would like to do an interview – do i have to interview myself?

    hux and kisses, claude

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