Feedback for #2

Posted: October 22, 2007 in Feedback

Your greatly appreciated feedback for the second issue of Wolverette goes here. Thanks!! <3<3

  1. Franzi says:

    Hey Dodo,

    die Zines sind da und ich liiiebe sie…
    Ich konnte da soo viele von meinen eigenen Gedanken wiederfinden… war n super Gefühl beim Lesen!
    Die Beiträge waren alle toll (besonders sexual being) und ich mag die quotes 🙂 und die vintage Fotos und die DIY flyer… und alles so schön getsaltet und… und…. ach blablablabla 😉

    Beeil dich mit issue #3 😉

  2. tarandlace says:

    I really enjoyed issue #2 (let me know when you have more of issue #1 in stock please) It was very empowering as well as comforting to read and hear what other grrrls had to say on the matter of sex. I have some very strong and firm views in regards to a womens sexuality..and it was very nice and enlightening to see that a lot of my views were shared. : ) With social norms and all..sometimes I can’t help but feel like a freak…of society ;P Wonderful zine though! I loved the photos and layout. Keep it up!!


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