Contributions for issue#2, please!

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

Heya. Doing the first issue was so much fun and quite some zines have been distributed so I decided it’s time to plan issue#2!

The topic will be SEX (omgz!)

From a feminist/RiotGrrrlish point of view, of course!!

Share your stories, thoughts, poems, reflections, artwork, “diary entries”, comics, articles … WHATEVER, be creative! Or if you have an idea why I should interview you – go ahead and tell me about it!

You can sure be explicit, but not too obscene, please. And don’t forget: no need to be perfect! I sure want your contribution to have some quality (hey – this isn’t gonna be a Playboy issue after all) but please don’t be shy or think your stuff might not be “good enough” – if you have something to say, just go for it! Contributions in English language only, please. I can translate from German, though if really necessary.

There’s no deadline yet; as soon as I figure a deadline makes sense, I will post the date here in this blog, so please keep checking.

If I use your contribution you will of course get a free copy sent to you as soon as the zine is finished.

You wanna advertise in this zine? Just ask me about it; I have no strict rules or something yet. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Contributions or any sort of questions go to: wolverette.zine [at] yahoo dot de.

Thanks! ❤

EDIT: The topic is “sex” but just to clear it up: I’m talking here about “sex as in fucking, sexuality, etc. – NOT as in sex-gender relation. Well, obviously both has a lot to do with each other but sexuality will definately be the main focus of issue#2. And I don’t think I have to mention that sex/gender is always an issue in a Grrrl Zine anyway 😉


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