How to get the zine

Posted: June 5, 2007 in How to get the zine

Well… let me tell you, it might get a wee bit complicated since I have no paypal or whatsoever. But I hope I figured out some ways so that everybody can get the zine who wants to. All prices include shipping costs.


Germany: 3,50€ /1 zine or 5€/2 zines

UK: £ 2,50/ 1 zine or £5/ 3 zines

Rest of Europe: 4€/zine or 10€/ 3 zines

USA: 5$/zine

Ways of payment

1. Send well hidden cash

Do this at your own risk; it won’t be my fault if it doesn’t arrive here. If you decide to send cash, tell me so and I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

2. Zine Trade

This one is easy: you send me your zine, I’ll send you mine. Just let me know what zine it is beforehand, or maybe some of its contents.

3. Stuff Trade

You send me whatever you wanna give for my zine or think is appropriate – be creative (dunno… socks, shirts, soap, a mixtape/CD, candy,…). Just tell me before what it is so that I can agree to it – and please be fair. I don’t wanna send you my zine and receive 2 gnawed off pencils and a photo of your ex or something.

4. Stamps (Germany only)

Schick mir einfach den oben angegebenen Preis in Form von Briefmarken. Ich werd sie sicher brauchen können.

5. (NEW!!!!) Money transfer via bank accounts

If you ask nicely, I will give you my bank account info so that you can transfer the money directly on my bank account, which is undoubtedly less complicated than sending cash, for both parties.

I have no interest in giving out my bank account infos to total strangers on the net. This only applies to people I know personally, from certain projects or whom I know via a message board/blog for a quite long time!!! If in doubt, just ask.


It works this way: You write me an e-mail, which is wolverette.zine AT (replace the “AT” with an @, of course) and tell me how many zines you want, what kind of payment you wish to use (and if you wanna trade in some form, tell me what you wanna trade) and the addresse to which you want the zine to be sent. Then you will receive my addy and as soon as I get your letter/package, I will send out the zine to you 🙂
Just please be patient with me – I am a private person, the zine is all DIY, I’m not a professional so I probably won’t be able to distribute the zine as “perfectly” as a professional mailorder would. I also usually send the zines via book rate shipping (otherwise the shipping costs would be quite higher), so it might take a bit until they arrive. But I promise to do my best; I don’t want anybody to be disappointed!

If there are questions of any kind, just e-mail me.

UPDATE: I already mentioned that I send my zines via book rate shipping so that the zine price is okay for you. But this also means it takes relatively long until your issue arrives unless you’re living in Germany. So far it seems like it takes about 2 weeks to the UK (and the rest of Europe, I assume) and about 6 weeks to the USA. If you don’t want to wait so long I offer you the following: if you are willing to pay more (due to the increasing shipping costs) I can send it via regular mail and your zine will arrive earlier. In this case contact me. Without uttering the explicit wish and without paying extra the zine will regularly sent via book rate shipping.

  1. charlotte says:

    i love the zine dodo, you did a great job! i loved reading it, and i’m going to encourage everyone to pick up a copy!
    i am really proud to be a part of it!

  2. Claudia says:


    ich schreibe im auftrag der ladyfest leipzig gruppe bzw. auch aus persönlichem interesse ;-). ich hätte gern zwei zines bzw. haben wir morgen plenum, that means: vielleicht ordern wir noch mehr, weil wir die hefte gern mit zu unserem ladyfest (23. bis 26. august 2007) an die riot grrrlz und bois bringen würden.

    viele grüße

  3. wolverette says:

    klingt super! meldet euch dann einfach per e-mail.

  4. Irina says:

    das zine is wirklich große klasse! gute artikel und alles! sehr gut gemacht und ich freu mich schon aufs nächste 🙂

  5. Jessi says:

    How long will you have this? I’m broke, but would really like to buy an issue. I’m in Canada, so would that be the same price as the US? I don’t have pay pal either so thats really cool. i could send you a money order once I get a job if you still have issues in a month or so and i could get more as you publish!

  6. wolverette says:

    Jessi, I wrote yxou an e-mail.

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